Benefits Of Network Monitoring

monitoring.jpgTo ensure 100% system availability, IT department not just need to reduce the problem resolution time, but also needs to prevent problems from occurring....


Advanced Monitoring & Troubleshooting

advanced.jpgThese courses are prerequisites to become an iNetmon Certified Engineer (ICE) or an iNetmon Certified Training Professional (ICTP)...


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iNetmon Sdn Bhd


iNetmon Sdn Bhd is a MSC status company specializing in Network Monitoring Solutions. Our solutions are developed entirely in Malaysia and working jointly with the R&D arm of the Universiti Sains Malaysia, the National Advanced IPv6 Center, employing the latest technology in Passive Traffic Monitoring.




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“We recently installed iNet Enterprise .This product far exceeded our expectations. Now I don’t have to worry about viruses and worms attacking my network. Quality of iNetmon products are more than you’ll get for your money anywhere else. Thank you iNetmon !”
Bernard Chye
IT Director
NEC Computers Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd

"iNetmon is able to produce an intelligent network monitoring solution aimed for the next generation networks. The early worm detection and the anomaly detection coupled with the capabilities to monitor IPv6 protocols makes this a very good and reliable tool for any network administrator."
Assoc Prof Dr Rahmat Budiarto
Deputy Director, National Advanced IPv6 Center

"Due to the increasing demand on network services and uptime availability, we admire fast and easy-to-use diagnostic tools that can provide fast problem isolation, early network worm detection and traffic analysis. In fact, iNet Enterprise Suite allows us to diagnose traffic in every segment of our network via VPN connection without leaving our offices."
Tan Chen Wei
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Mlabs System Berhad

"We installed the iNetMon tools for a quick 30-day evaluation into our network. After a few days, we reviewed the historical monitoring results since installation and were suprised to see many worms inside our corporate network, which we have never seen before. Thankfully, we moved swifly to eliminate them. We had been using other much more expensive monitoring and network management tools, from other large suppliers; yet these other tools did not manage to detect the worms".
E. Crespo
System Manager
ADR Technology (Panama City, Rep. of Panama)

aided by:
Nestor Sanchez
Chief Technical Officer
PTY Technologies (Panama City, Rep. of Panama)