iNet Enterprise Benefits

iNet Enterprise is the world's only cross platform analysis and troubleshooting tool. This means even if your organisation uses a mix of Windows and Linux based computers and servers, Enterprise Suite would still be able to fully monitor and protect your network.

iNet Enterprise deployment is able to address the following enterprise issues:

  • Continuous monitoring to avoiding potential performance degradation or network downtime.
  • Minimizing the downtime by quickly determining the problem source
  • Providing instructions on how to fix current problems including those in remote segments as well as on how to stop potential problems.
  • Monitoring and Providing instructions on how to fix security related problems affecting or originating from end users.
  • iNet Enterprise ensures your business productivity unperturbed by maintaining a healthy and efficient network with uncompromised performance.
  • "Prevention is better than cure" is definitely a universal belief and certainly applies to network problems. If they can be detected earlier and the necessary actions are taken to minimize them, averts potential loses due to a productivity loss.
  • iNet Enterprise extends the capabilities of a network administrator from just troubleshooting the network into developing and designing better network topologies for the company.
  • It presents and visualizes network statistics in real time in various intuitively designed charts and reports.
  • iNet Enterprise improves systems service level in terms of monitoring and troubleshooting.