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iNet Grid

A Grid environment is potentially a complex globally distributed system that involves large sets of diverse, geographically distributed components used for a number of applications. The components discussed here include all the software and hardware services and resources needed by applications. The diversity of these components and their large number of users render them vulnerable to faults, failure and excessive loads. Suitable mechanisms are needed to monitor the components, and their use, hopefully detecting conditions that may lead to bottlenecks, faults or failures. Grid monitoring is a critical facet for providing a robust, reliable and efficient environment To measure and publish the state of resources at a particular point in time and it also plays an essential role in providing reliable and high performance Grid services

iNet Grid Overview:
To Provide Strong Distributed Environment Monitoring hand in hand with Network and Grid. and to design

  • Scalable.
  • Dynamic.
  • Robust.
  • Must perform.
  • Should be integrated with other Grid Technologies and middleware (security infrastructure, resource brokers, schedulers).

Available upon request.

Available upon request.


iNet Grid Features

To be effective, monitorin must be end-to-end, which means all components in an environment must be monitored such as:


iNet Grid Benifits

  • To understand performance, identify problems and to tune a system for better overall performance.