iNet Portable Benefits

Company productivity is affected if networks are down. iNet Portable can help you to improves response time by maintaining a healthy and efficient network through constant monitoring.


How iNet Portable can help?

  • Detecting network problems in early stage
  • Minimizing the impact of network failure
  • Long term capacity planning and trend analysis
  • Reduction of operational costs and staffing
  • Improving the allocation of scarce IT capital resources
  • Ensuring smooth information flow minus the unnecessary traffic
  • Minimizing the network administrator’s tasks with high level easy to understand visualization
  • Extending the capabilities of a network administrator in network troubleshooting
  • Work in all IP platforms, including IPv4 and IPv6
  • Increased system uptime, direct result of lower downtime
  • Network statistics are presented in real time
  • Improved monitoring and reporting of the availability of systems service level