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Distributed Network Architecture - Planning & Designourexp1.gif

iNetmon has extensive knowledge in distributed network architecture. A distributed network architecture framework is used to develop portable, reliable, high-performance, and real-time communication services and applications. Such framework provides efficient communication services/components for distributed applications, as well as network applications, increasing speed and efficiency for both types of applications.

Networking And Artificial Intellegent
iNetmon conducts research in the field of Intelligent Systems or more generally known as Artificial Intelligent (AI) covering Expert System, Neural Network (NN), Fuzzy Logic, and Data Mining. Expert System allows the modeling of information at higher levels of abstraction, which emulate human expertise in well defined problem domains. Fuzzy Logic is used to handle the concept of partial truth as a means to model the uncertainty. The key element of NN paradigm is the novel structure of the information processing system; it is configured for a specific application, such as pattern recognition, data classification or forecasting, through a learning process. Data mining allows users to analyze large databases to solve decision problems or an automated extraction of hidden predictive information.

Application of AI are industrial process control, data validation, risk management, recognition of speakers in communications, diagnosis of hepatitis, texture analysis, three-dimensional object recognition, handwritten word recognition, and facial recognition.

System & Network Monitoring
ourexp2.gif iNetmon has provided consultation services to companies on LAN/WAN network assessment, design and optimization, network monitoring, management and performance tuning. Business continuity provides an assessment, plan, and policy to help recover from a disaster, to ensure critical systems operating during a disruption. It can also help speed and streamline the recovery process. The remote network monitoring services can provide network monitoring, problem resolution and system administration for multi-vendor data or converged networks. System monitoring assists to ensure 24x7 operations of mission critical server services to reduce downtime to the minimal.

Host based and network based intrusion detection system (IDS) helps to meet the unique security requirements of the enterprise environment, offers comprehensive features that bring improved security to the enterprise. With the unique network-based detection and active response capabilities, modular host intrusion detection components, server management, and event management provides a reliable solution for detecting and responding to the broad array of attacks present in today's constantly changing security landscape.

Network Security
iNetmon has researchers focusing on server and network security, not limited to firewall, intrusion detection system (IDS), intrusion prevention system (IPS), virtual private networking (VPN), IP Security (IPSec), and layered security network design. A corporation success depends on a clear vision of the potential risks to mission-critical systems. With the knowledge in security, it extends the capabilities of conventional system security and helps to manage threats more efficiently and effectively.

Some researchers are in the field of digital cryptographic technology. Cryptography has become one of the main tools for privacy, trust, access control, electronic payments, corporate security, and countless other fields. Cryptography deals with all aspects of secure messaging, authentication, digital signatures, encryption, public key infrastructure framework, and other applications.